Anojh Gnanachandran

About Me
Hi! I'm Anojh, a Canadian software engineer currently based out of San Francisco.

I love creating beautiful, functional web experiences, and thinking critically about the product and design decisions that go into the things I make.
Languages & Frameworks
Python, Java, JavaScript (React, Node), HTML, CSS
  • Graduated with Distinction - Dean's Honours List
I enjoy playing volleyball, solving escape rooms, and trying new things.
September 2017 - Present
  • Developing various full-stack solutions with React and TypeScript to support Heap's analysis and data organization/governance layers
  • Developed natural language query interface with autocomplete functionality for hack-week project
  • Significantly improved dropdown rendering performance through intelligent caching
September - December 2016
  • Developed features in React to allow for better collaboration within Benchling's suite of life science tools
  • Used "EXPLAIN ANALYZE" to debug expensive database queries and speed them up by over 5x using indices
  • Developed a feature in React Native to export financial transaction data to various formats for further analysis
  • Designed and implemented a web console in Angular for viewing, creating, and editing A/B tests
  • Developed a templating engine for rapid development and automatic scaffolding of mobile apps that use RESTful APIs
Personal Projects
  • Led development on a platform for students to discover companies and write/read internship reviews
  • Won CUSEC UI/UX Award and received over 400 000 total pageviews
  • Created a web app to play music from YouTube and SoundCloud featuring playlist management, song queuing, and Google/Facebook authentication
  • Featured on two blogs and received over 50 000 total pageviews